In 1990, the National Private Truck Council formed the Private Fleet Management Institute (PFMI) as a non-profit educational affiliate to the trade association. The purpose of this branch of NPTC has been to meet the increasing need for continuing education among NPTC members. The offerings include programs and services designed to improve both the personal and corporate success of fleet/transportation professionals.

Become a SupporterIn 1998, our name changed to the Institute for Truck Transportation Management™ (ITTM) and today we are known as "The NPTC Institute." Education, research, and certification for the private fleet and transportation management industry have been our priorities. Our Certified Transportation Professional® (CTP) program recognizes knowledge and experience in our field. More than 600 individuals have earned the designation and the program is growing. Certification and continuing education at all levels help you stay current in an ever-changing industry.

Since its inception, the Institute has been supported by the generous contributions of NPTC Fleet and Allied members. Contributors have helped us offer the following initiatives since 1991:

  • The Certified Transportation Professional® (CTP) program, building a core of professionals who are setting the standards for operations management.
  • The Private Fleet Management Institute, a five-day educational program offered annually that includes workshops, panel discussions, transportation tours, and CTP exam preparation.
  • The CTP Study Guides offering in-depth reference materials in the core areas of safety and compliance, finance, operations, equipment and maintenance and human resources.
  • Benchmarking and best practices studies.

It's an exciting time at the Institute. We have provided essential programs and services for eleven years and we are prepared to extend our reach into the transportation community. Our initiatives need ongoing support to make a significant difference. By contributing to the Institute you are investing in our future - help us meet our goals and provide you with information and solutions.