CTP Graduating
Class of 2017

To submit your CTP® Eligibility Application, you must first achieve at least 600 certification points earned through fleet management/supplier experience, formal education, active participation in the fleet/transportation community, and your continued pursuit of education.

Click here to download the CTP Eligibility Application.  Deadline for receipt of application and fee is October 1.

Fleet/Transportation Management Experience: A minimum of 500 certification points must be earned through professional fleet management/ supplier experience. You can earn 100 certification points for each year of fleet/transportation management or supplier experience that you have.

General Management Experience: Earn an additional 50 points for one to five years of general management experience; 100 points for six or more years of general management experience.

Formal Education: Earn up to 300 certification points for a Ph.D. (50 points for an Associates degree; 100 points for a Bachelors degree; and, 200 points for a Masters degree).

College Courses: Earn 45 points for each college course (in the areas of business, systems, transportation or logistics) successfully completed (grade "C" or better) in the past three years, for a total not to exceed 180 points.

Continuing Education: Earn certification points for participation in NPTC continuing education programs during the past three years:

  • Annual Education/Management Conference = 25 points
  • Annual Private Fleet Management Institute = 45 points
  • CTP Examination Preparation Workshop = 10 points

Private Fleet Management Online® Courses: Earn 35 points for each successfully completed online course.

Professional Memberships: Earn five points for each professional transportation membership organization to which you belong.

Leadership: Earn 15 certification points for each non-company transportation-related committee, board, or subcommittee on which you actively participate.

Industry Participation: Earn certification points through non-company transportation-related industry participation and contributions:

  • Transportation-related speaking engagement = 15 points
  • Transportation-related published work = 15 points
  • Attendance at transportation-related educational program = 10 points

Transportation Recognition: Earn 25 points for each non-company transportation-related recognition award received (safety award, vehicle graphics, fleet executive of the year, etc.)

Click here to find documents you will need to learn more about the CTP program and to apply for the designation.