CTP Graduatng
Class of 2017

All CTPs must earn 50 Recertification Points every three-years to keep their status active.
Below is a matrix of learning and participation opportunities to earn recertification points:

Continuing Education Participation: Points Earned
NPTC Annual Conference 25
Private Fleet Management Institute 45
National Safety Conference 10
Private Fleet Management ONLINE (per course) 35

Industry Participation:
Trade/Professional Memberships (each) 5
Leadership/Chair of Industry Board/Committee (each) 15
Member of Industry Committee/Board (each) 15
Speaking Engagements (each) 15
Published Transportation Related Article/Work 15
Industry Educational Program/Seminar/Workshop (each) 10
Award Recognition for Individual or Fleet 2.5

CTP Participation:
CTP Exam Proctor (each year) 10
CTP Re-Take Exam Proctor (each year) 5
Facilitate CTP Exam Prep Workshop 10
Speak at CTP Orientation Workshop at Annual Conference 5
Volunteer at CTP Booth at Annual Conference 5
Assist with grading the CTP Exam 25

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