Annual Conference Planning Committee
Chair: Bill Hartman, CTP, NEP Broadcasting
Staff Liaison: Tom Moore, CTP, Senior Vice President

Coordinates with staff in developing the schedule, programs and speakers for the Association's Annual Education Management Conference.

Legislative & Regulatory Advisory Committee
Chair: Brian Holley, Whiteline Express, Ltd.
Staff Liaison: Serena Porter , Membership Manager

Provides NPTC Board of Directors and staff with assistance in the evaluation of policy matters, and assists in the development of official NPTC policy as it relates to legislative and regulatory issues.

Membership Committee
Chair: Joe Laskowski, CTP, MedTrans
Staff Liaison: Serena Porter , Membershp Manager

Supports staff in the recruitment and retention of fleet and supplier NPTC membership.

Public Relations/Marketing Committee
Chair: Keith McWilliams, CTP, Kellogg Company
Staff Liaison: Gary Petty, President & CEO

Supports staff in the development of public relations and marketing strategies for NPTC products and services.

Safety Committee
Chair: Randy Perry, CTP, Frito-Lay, Inc.
Staff Liaison: Tom Moore, CTP, Senior Vice President

Fosters motor carrier safety through the development of NPTC policies and provides support to members in the management and administration of a safe and productive workforce and private fleet.