Robert J. Boyich, CPC Logistics Inc.
"Over the years, the NPTC has provided a dynamic environment where I can enhance my business skills and further advance my company’s business objectives. As a Five-Star Member, we have benefited from many of the programs offered by NPTC. We view the NPTC for our “go to source” for all things transportation-related. Our investment in NPTC is repaid many times over in the services, benefits and expertise we receive. "

Haig Dikijian, CTP
"Being an NPTC member since 1993 and going through the Certification Program has been pivotal to my success within our company. The opportunity for networking with other industry professionals is unlimited. Weekly updates, special reports, and the safety and compliance updates that I receive from the NPTC saves me time and money. The NPTC is "the" resource for private fleet managers today!"

A CTP from Hillyard, Inc.
"The NPTC has greatly advanced our working knowledge of all the different aspects in the private fleet operation, Maintenance, Operations, Regulatory, Finance, etc., not with standing the networking capabilities."

An active CTP
"A company cannot manage change. It has to prepare itself and its associates to lead change. The environment in which all private fleet managers find themselves, Third Party Logistics, Outsourcing, Backhaul, the entire supply chain management concept, is constantly changing. NPTC has continued to move itself in the direction of leading change thereby benefiting members and meeting the needs of companies today and tomorrow."

Bill Toerpe, CTP, Ryder System, Inc.
"The NPTC is an organization comprised of professional fleet operators. It does an excellent job of keeping it's members advised of changes within Federal and State regulations that impact domestic logistics and transportation. The members of the organization are always willing to share ideas and best practices as they relate to private transportation in the area of operations, HR, safety, vehicle engineering/maintenance and purchasing. If you ever needed any information, or a better understanding of private fleet transportation, the NPTC is the source for that information. I enjoy my membership, and affiliation with this organization, and the CTP certification program is a further acknowledgement of the professionalism of this organization."