Below is a current real-time roster of NPTC 2017 Annual Conference full registrants (spouses are not listed). Please allow 30 minutes for new online registrants to appear on the list. Click on the company and name headings to change the sort.  Back to My Account.

Total Attendees

CompanyAttendee Name
A. Duie Pyle, Inc.Russ Miceli
A. Duie Pyle, Inc.Charles Rotche'
A. Duie Pyle, Inc.Christopher Valante
AAA Cooper TransportationMichelle Combs
AAA Cooper TransportationAndy McMillan
Aaron's, Inc.Lewis Allen, CTP
Accuride CorporationBrian Stauffer
Accuride CorporationSteve Steele
ACT Research Co., LLCJennifer McNealy
ACT Research Co., LLCStephen Tam
ADM Trucking, Inc.Keith Frantz, CTP
Advance Auto PartsChris Edwards
Advance Auto PartsMark Patterson
Advance Auto PartsAlan W. Smith, Sr., CDS
AFNTroy Paulsen
Albertsons CompaniesTom Nartker
Albertsons CompaniesTimothy Wells, CTP
Albertsons CompaniesDuane Woods, CTP
Alere eScreenDavid Henderson
Alere eScreenDonna Kirtz
Alere eScreenRobert Merrill
ALK Technologies, Inc.Kara Kiensicki
ALK Technologies, Inc.Katie Marotta
ALK Technologies, Inc.Matt Santorsiero
ALK Technologies, Inc.Dan Titus
Alliance HealthCare ServicesDavid Mannix
Alliance HealthCare ServicesDennis J. Updike, CTP
Allison TransmissionHeather Oehler
Allison TransmissionMarcus Schloemer
America's Service Line, LLCKeith Domke
America's Service Line, LLCDavid Giese
America's Service Line, LLCGregory Gmeinder
America's Service Line, LLCTom McClone
America's Service Line, LLCLisa Thompson
America's Service Line, LLCScott Willert
American Signature, Inc.Paul Reif
American Truck Wash, Inc.Jeff Gordon
American Truck Wash, Inc.Mike Gordon
AmeriQuest Transportation ServicesPatrick Barrett
AmeriQuest Transportation ServicesChristopher M. Hamilton, CTP
AmeriQuest Transportation ServicesRobert Upton
Ancra InternationalLarry Bethel
Ancra InternationalGreg Kauffman
Ancra InternationalJeff Murillo
Ancra InternationalMark Tyler
Anteo USAAmir Delvarani
Anteo USARichard Ross
Anthony LiftgatesMike Bilinski
Anthony LiftgatesKurt Walker
Arconic Wheel & Transportation ProductsAbhishek N. Bharadwaj, CTP
Arconic Wheel & Transportation ProductsAndrew J. Brashear, CTP
Arconic Wheel & Transportation ProductsAlison J. Pozsonyi, CTP
Arconic Wheel & Transportation ProductsBrant J. Schneider, CTP
Arctic Arrow Powerline GroupScott Morris, CTP
Army & Air Force Exchange ServiceNicholas A. DeVincenzo
ASA ElectronicsJustin Garver
Ashley Distribution ServicesSteven L. Ralston, CDS
Ashley Distribution ServicesJim Wieland
Atlantic DynamicsCale Hutchins
Atlantic DynamicsBob Provencher
Aunt Millie's BakeriesJoe Kovacs
AutoSock/McGee Co.Chuck Abourezk
AutoSock/McGee Co.Aldo Diaz
Avery DennisonMelissa Bertolone
Batesville Logistics, Inc.Keith Hazelwood, CTP
Batesville Logistics, Inc.Krystle Horst, CTP
Batesville Logistics, Inc.Randy Obermeyer, CTP
Baxter Healthcare CorporationWillie Jones
Baxter Healthcare CorporationKenneth Lober
BCT, Inc.Scott Floyd, CTP
Bednet Cargo Control SolutionsSteve Dew
Bednet Cargo Control SolutionsGreg Hill
Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLPKelly E. Mulrane
BESTPASS, Inc.Michael Magliocca
Beyel Brothers Inc.Glen Wetherington CTP, CDS
Biery Cheese CompanyRoger Foulk
Blue Beacon Truck WashesJeff Dykes
Blue Beacon Truck WashesSam Piper
BMO Transportation FinanceJohn Dietze
BOLT SystemRoger Hunter
BOLT SystemAmy Luff
BOLT SystemJerry Robertson, CTP
BOLT SystemGayle Robertson
Border States IndustriesMark Lester
Border States IndustriesRyan Joe Ulmer
Brakebush Transportation, Inc.Christopher Armstrong, CTP
Brakebush Transportation, Inc.Michael Schwersenska, CTP
Breg EnvironmentalChastity Norfolk
Breg EnvironmentalKate Tryon
Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLCKris J. Kolbe, CTP
Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLCDaniel E. Vits, CTP
BrightOrder Inc.Terri Oswald
BrightOrder Inc.Richard Smyth
BWI Companies, Inc.David Simpson, CFS, CFM
C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.Ryan Erhard
C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.Eric Herchenroether
C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.Tim Leveille
C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.Peter Liersch
C.L. Services, Inc.Matt Nowacki
Castellini Group of CompaniesDavid C. Caldwell, CTP
Castellini Group of CompaniesConrad Eastin, CTP
Castellini Group of CompaniesTim Hubbard, CTP
Castellini Group of CompaniesDouglas L. Simpson, CTP
Castellini Group of CompaniesDouglas Yaw
CAT Scale CompanyMike Dailing
CAT Scale CompanyHeather DeBaillie
CAT Scale CompanyBen Huston
CEI GroupPaul Duffin
CEI GroupLuann Dunkerley
Centerline Drivers, LLCBrett Miller, CTP
Centerline Drivers, LLCPaul Nilson
Centerline Drivers, LLCRuthanne Roper
Centerline Drivers, LLCJohn Trahan, CTP
Clayton HomesBritney Lockhart, CTP
Clean EnergyMatt Feighner
Clean EnergyChad Lindholm
Clifford W. Perham / Shaw'sPeter Holmes, CTP
Clifford W. Perham / Shaw'sJeffrey D. Wermuth, CTP
Coborn's, IncorporatedEric Eveslage, CTP
Coborn's, IncorporatedNeil Fandel
Community Coffee Company, LLCBrent Criswell, CTP
Consultant Gary PalmerGary Palmer
ConversionUGeorge Knox
ConversionUSteve Sichterman
Cooling Concepts, LLCTim Shasserre
Cooling Concepts, LLCDon White
Core-Mark InternationalBrian Johnston, CTP
Core-Mark InternationalJoseph Macken
Core-Mark InternationalMichael Shafer
Coretex LimitedJohn Penizotto
Coretex LimitedDavid Ricketts
Cory Home Delivery ServiceLarry Brown
Coyote LogisticsSamantha Barone
Coyote LogisticsGreg Boxer
Coyote LogisticsHelena Haas
Coyote LogisticsTim King, CTP
Coyote LogisticsBrian Koonsvitsky
Coyote LogisticsMatt Palma
CPC Logistics CanadaMatt Carr
CPC Logistics CanadaJohn Harrison
CPC Logistics, Inc.William J. Baines, CTP
CPC Logistics, Inc.Tom Bickel
CPC Logistics, Inc.Robert J. Boyich, CTP
CPC Logistics, Inc.Greg Boyington, CTP
CPC Logistics, Inc.Douglas Crowell
CPC Logistics, Inc.Larry M. Foltz
CPC Logistics, Inc.Richard A. Jones, CTP
CPC Logistics, Inc.William M. Koons, CTP
CPC Logistics, Inc.Larry Lloyd
CPC Logistics, Inc.Daniel W. Most
CPC Logistics, Inc.Kenneth R. Pruitt, Jr., CTP
CPC Logistics, Inc.William H. Steimel, CTP
CPC Logistics, Inc.Harold B. Wallis, Jr.
Cumberland Farms, Inc.Peter Mastrodomenico, CTP
Cumberland Farms, Inc.Stephen Ready
Cumberland Farms, Inc.Wayne Thornhill, CDS
Cummins Inc.Amy Boerger
Cummins Inc.Tim Greis
Cummins Inc.James C. Harmon
Cummins Inc.Andy Pajakowski
Custard Insurance AdjustersTeresa Allen-Futch
Custard Insurance AdjustersRick Linville
CVS HealthKatie J. Blanchard, CTP
CVS HealthNick Cindrich, CTP, CDS
CVS HealthRon Daigneault
CVS HealthJames DellaValle
CVS HealthRon Kelley
CVS HealthSean Mack, CTP
CVS HealthMike Neal
CVS HealthMichael Scarpulla, CTP
CVS HealthJeffrey Starecheski
CVS HealthCharles E. Vaughn, CTP
CVS HealthRobert Weaver
Dade Paper & Bag CompanyKenneth A. Morris
Dairy Farmers of America, Inc.Rick L. Gilchrist, CTP
Dana IncorporatedMichael R. Schwanzl
Daryl Flood Relocation & LogisticsJ. Scott Roberts, CTP
Decisiv Inc.Don Kleinfeld
Decisiv Inc.Derek Messulam
Decisiv Inc.Bob Norberg
Decisiv Inc.Jeff Sweet
Descartes Systems (USA) LLCMike Benson
Descartes Systems (USA) LLCBill Mathews
Deseret TransportationScott Beck
Deseret TransportationTracy Buckalew
Deseret TransportationJeffrey Newey
Dossier SystemsJack Boetefuer
Dossier SystemsJim Dyer
Dot Transportation, Inc.Scott M. Duvall, CTP
Dot Transportation, Inc.Duskee Kassing
Dot Transportation, Inc.Ray Koenig
Dot Transportation, Inc.Sheila Moran
Dot Transportation, Inc.Paul Mugerditchian
DRC, Inc.Ron D. Tartt, CTP
Drivewyze, Inc.Tom Colby
Drivewyze, Inc.Greg Furness
Driving Ambition, Inc.Andy Berry, CTP
Driving Ambition, Inc.Michael Eagal
Driving Ambition, Inc.Michael Malarney
Driving Ambition, Inc.Jeremy Reymer
DuBois ChemicalsKevin Davis
DuBois ChemicalsRay Kirk
EatonRick Ecker
EBE TechnologiesRocco Marrari
EBE TechnologiesCindy Nelson, CTP
Eby-Brown TransportationJim Novak
Element Fleet ManagementSteve C. Byrd, CTP
Element Fleet ManagementJeff Fry
Element Fleet ManagementLarry Galasso
Element Fleet ManagementKen Gillies, CTP
Element Fleet ManagementJustin Green
Element Fleet ManagementElise Hardy
Element Fleet ManagementChris Hepler, CTP
Element Fleet ManagementBradford J. Hewitt, CTP
Element Fleet ManagementJeff Holtshopple
Element Fleet ManagementSteven Jastrow
Element Fleet ManagementRussell Keys
Element Fleet ManagementCharles R. Kooken, Jr., CTP
Element Fleet ManagementNaeem Morris
Element Fleet ManagementMilton A. Parsons, CTP
Element Fleet ManagementBrandy Pfeffer
Element Fleet ManagementMichael Quimby
Element Fleet ManagementDonald Scare, CTP
Element Fleet ManagementSpero A. Skarlatos, CTP
Element Fleet ManagementJohn W. Vaughn, Jr., CTP
Element Fleet ManagementGreg Wilson
Element Fleet ManagementThomas Wolf
Eleos TechnologiesWes Pollock
eNow, Inc.Theresa Gallagher
EPIC WorldwideEd Potkay
EPIC WorldwideShelley Smith
EPIC WorldwideMarvin Smith
FirstSource SolutionsKelly Osterlitz
Fleet AdvantageAl Barner, CTP
Fleet AdvantageBill Ten Eyck, CTP
Fleet AdvantageLuis Herrera, CTP
Fleet AdvantageMichael Spence, CTP
Fleet Owner MagazineBill Doucette
Fleet Owner MagazineDavid Haggett
Fleet Owner MagazineSean Kilcarr
Fleet Owner MagazinePeter Lovato
Fleet Trailer, LLCRyan Allen
FleetNet AmericaScott J. Bryers, CTP
FleetNet AmericaJim Buell
FleetNet AmericaHeather Dean
FleetNet AmericaMike Hammack
FleetNet AmericaBecky Harris
FleetNet AmericaMark Madias
FleetNet AmericaLandon Myers
FleetNet AmericaMark Rippy
FleetSeekCarolee Harlin
Florida East Coast RailwayShawn Lance
Frito-Lay, Inc.Elizabeth Mars, CTP
Frito-Lay, Inc.George Newman
Frito-Lay, Inc.Evelyn Parks, CSP
Frito-Lay, Inc.Randy Perry, CTP
Frito-Lay, Inc.Mariko Roberts, CTP
Frito-Lay, Inc.Jeff Trouy, CTP
FTC Transport, Inc.Phil Komorowski
Fuel Risk ManagementEric Bassingthwaighte
Fundamental Labor StrategiesCurt Ball
Fundamental Labor StrategiesJim Keyser
Fundamental Labor StrategiesJeff Muntz
Gates CorporationRon Coen
Gates CorporationJohn Gillenwater, CTP
Gates CorporationDaniel Sheehan
General MillsTony B. Jolly, CTP
George's, Inc.James Hilton
George's, Inc.Jerry Thrasher, CTP
George's, Inc.Irvin M. Williams, CTP
Great Dane TrailersDave Gilliland
Great Dane TrailersBrett Goral
Great Dane TrailersRandy Gosson
Great Dane TrailersTroy Guider
Great Dane TrailersFrank Stewart
GreenLine LogisticsDon Adams
GreenLine LogisticsJames Eilerman, CTP
GreenLine LogisticsHeidi Ramsey
GreenLine LogisticsJennifer Shriver
Growmark, Inc.Steve Kubsch
Harris Teeter, Inc.C. Alan Smith, CTP
Heavy Duty Trucking MagazineDavid Cullen
Heavy Duty Trucking MagazineJustin Miller
Heavy Duty Trucking MagazineDavid Moniz
HendricksonGary A. Ciapetta, CTP
HendricksonMitchell Kositzky
Hill-Rom Company, Inc.Edward Amberger
Hill-Rom Company, Inc.Steve Snodgrass
Hillyard, Inc.Charles Amen, CTP
Hino TrucksPaul Bien
Hino TrucksMark Kern
Hino TrucksRodney Shaffer
Hittman Transport ServicesMike Lahr
HSM SolutionsRichard Derian
HSM SolutionsKyle Graydon, CTP
HSM SolutionsDoug Whiteside
Hyundai TransleadRobert Hawkins
Hyundai TransleadJoel Maldonado
Hyundai TransleadTim Park
Hyundai TransleadTheresa Payne-Brown
Hyundai TransleadBrian Jae Hak Shin
Ice River Springs Water CompanyDella S. Hensley, CTP
Idaho Asphalt Supply, Inc.Kevin Maddox
Idaho Asphalt Supply, Inc.Meranda Whitmore
Idealease, Inc.Zachary J. Babenko, CTP
Idealease, Inc.James R. Curcio, CTP
Idealease, Inc.Doug Gosnell, CTP
Idealease, Inc.David E. Helge, CTP, CDS
Idealease, Inc.Thomas M. Kure, CTP
Idealease, Inc.Scott Oldewage
Idealease, Inc.Nicole Pickard, CTP
Idealease, Inc.Grace Tisdall, CTP
IdelicNick Bartel
IdelicHayden Cardiff
iGlobal, LLCEric Bauer
iGlobal, LLCChris Phibbs
IMMISteve Lovelady
Instructional TechnologiesMike Flavin
Instructional TechnologiesCal Rogers
Instructional TechnologiesJames W. Voorhees, Ph.D.
Insulated Transport ProductsShannon Clark
Insulated Transport ProductsStu Marshall
Insulated Transport ProductsBonnie Schilling
Insulated Transport ProductsChad Smith
International TrucksBill Distel
International TrucksMarisol Gonzalez
International TrucksBret Kuehn
International TrucksJohn Lasson
International TrucksRobert L. Mann
International TrucksJim Nachtman
ISE Fleet ServicesStephen J. Katz, CTP
ITS Compliance, Inc.Rich Mathews
ITS Compliance, Inc.Michael Precia
ITS Compliance, Inc.John S. Vosters
J&B GroupJerald Johnson, CTP
J.F. Fick, Inc.Kenneth D. Higgins
J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.Tom Bray
J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.Jason Goodrich, CTP
J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.Robert Larsen
J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.Paul Locke
J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.Domenico Riggi
J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.Robert Testoni
J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.Aric B. Thoreson, CTP
JLE Truckwash, Inc.Brian Cyrus
JMR Graphics, Inc.Christopher D'Angelo
JMR Graphics, Inc.Joseph DeRicco
John DeereJohn VanGeest, CTP
Kalmar OttawaBob McTernan
Kalmar OttawaMatt Napierala
Kalmar OttawaMichael T. Piccora
Kalmar OttawaJacob Sipple
KeHE Distributors, LLCTom Harden
KeHE Distributors, LLCMichelle Sullivan
Kellogg CompanyLawrence W. Cook, Jr., CTP
Kellogg CompanyKevin Drouin, CTP
Kellogg CompanyBen Geffert, CTP
Kellogg CompanyRonald C. Hoffman, CTP
Kellogg CompanyChristine Hunt
Kellogg CompanyBradley Johnston, CTP
Kellogg CompanyRoger Kilstrom, CTP
Kellogg CompanyTim Klaassen, CTP
Kellogg CompanyKyle A. Lynes, CTP
Kellogg CompanyKeith A. McWilliams, CTP
Kellogg CompanyRobert Norris, CTP
Kellogg CompanyBrian Pennington
Kellogg CompanyRandall J. Spanier, CTP
Kellogg CompanyStacey J. Stivers, CTP
Kellogg CompanyJohn Tiemann
Kellogg CompanyMatt Williams, CTP
Kellogg CompanyArthur Wilson, CTP
Kellogg CompanySteven Zicarelli, CTP
Kenworth Truck CompanyDavid DeYoung
Kenworth Truck CompanyJoe Morris
KidronDave Harris
KidronTed Sandmann
KidronJohn Sommer, Jr.
Kinedyne LLCScott Frazier
Koch Foods, LLCBarry Moose
Kroger CompanyJohn Lobenberg
L-3 Driver Training SolutionsSean Brenke
L-3 Driver Training SolutionsTassie Gaither
L-3 Driver Training SolutionsTodd Heck
L-3 Driver Training SolutionsRichard Lofton
Labor Services CompanyKatherine Robison
Land O'Frost, Inc.Mark Brewster
LaunchIt PRMari McGowan, CTP
LB&B Associates Inc.James Ryan
LB&B Associates Inc.David Van Scoyoc
LB&B Associates Inc.Graham Thompson
LB&B Associates Inc.Andrew Woodlief
Liteflex, LLCFrank Lillie
Lowen Color GraphicsMichelle DeLaney
Lowen Color GraphicsSandy Harner
Lowen Color GraphicsDarren Keller
Mack Leasing System, Inc.Kevin J. Fisher, CTP
Mack Leasing System, Inc.Michael P. Parrish, CTP
Mack Leasing System, Inc.Matthew W. Peterson, CTP
Mack Trucks, Inc.Walter J. Ebling, CTP
MaDex Associates, Inc.Nathan Wooten
Maines Paper & Food ServicePenny Hoover, CTP
Mansfield OilSteve Ryding
Marathon Petroleum Company LPGreg Herold
Marathon Petroleum Company LPBrian Hyde
Marathon Petroleum Company LPChris Lint
Marzetti CompanyMark Norman
Marzetti CompanyPatrick Toler, CTP
Matthews International Greg Bowling
Matthews International Dan McGraw
Matthews International Leonia Ridge
Maxion WheelsBen Brown
Maxion WheelsJames Fernamberg
Maxion WheelsMike McCrary
Maxion WheelsChris Putz
Maxion WheelsKilmer Santos
Maxon Lift CorporationDan Callison
Maxon Lift CorporationTroy Overfelt
Maxon Lift CorporationRocky Pavkov
Maxon Lift CorporationHoward Smith
McKee Foods Transportation LLCLouis Dean Green, CTP
McKee Foods Transportation LLCTim King
McKee Foods Transportation LLCMelvin LeRoy
McKee Foods Transportation LLCJohn R. Urso, CTP
McLeod SoftwareBarry A. Brookins, CTP
McLeod SoftwareJulie Fritz
Meadow Lark CompaniesWendy Cornell
Meadow Lark CompaniesAnna Everitt
Meadow Lark CompaniesMandy Roth
MedTrans LLCBarry Jeffs
MedTrans LLCDan Krudys
MedTrans LLCJoe Laskowski, CTP
Mennel Milling CompanyAmy Davis
Mennel Milling CompanyJeremy Decker, CTP
Mennel Milling CompanyCathy Drummond
Mennel Milling CompanyRobert Hammer
Mennel Milling CompanyDallas Heck, CTP
Mennel Milling CompanyElmer Keen
Mennel Milling CompanyGary L. Strausbaugh, CTP
Meritor WABCOMichael Lambie
Meritor WABCOBuffy Spielbusch
Metal Sales Mfg. Corp.Michael D. Walker
Michelin North AmericaPaul Johnston, CTP
Michelin North AmericaMichael Lorenz
Michelin North AmericaJeff Morris, CTP
Mobileye Inc.Dana Albers
Mobileye Inc.Travis Sanders
Modagrafics, Inc.Betsy Carlson
Modagrafics, Inc.Charissa Fuerte
Modagrafics, Inc.Jim Hurley
Modagrafics, Inc.Dana Mallinckrodt
Modagrafics, Inc.C. Scott Marple
Modagrafics, Inc.William Martin
Modagrafics, Inc.Craig Neustadt
Modagrafics, Inc.Paul Pirkle
Moen, IncorporatedChristopher W. Brubaker
Moen, IncorporatedJay A. Merrell
Moen, IncorporatedHeath Schneider
Morgan CorporationPete Gracia
MuHuRichard Lea
MuHuRob Pallante
MW SupplyJason Allen
MW SupplyRyan Breton
NACFEKevin Otto
NACFEDavid Schaller
National Sleep ServicesJohn Carter
NationaLeaseJoe Gallick
NationaLeaseVictoria Kresge
NationaLeaseTravis Yeomans
NECSKyle Brames
NECSPaul Provencal
NEP BroadcastingMandy Bainbridge
NEP BroadcastingAmanda Romanowsky, CTP
NEP BroadcastingFrank Samler, CTP
Nestle Transportation CompanyRon Clow, CTP
NetraDyneRandy Calanca, CTP
NetraDyneAdam D. Kahn, CTP
NetraDyneRyan Knight
NetraDyneJohn Van Nortwick, CTP
New South Express, Inc.Amy Johnson
Nexeo Solutions, LLCRussell Brandt, CTP
Nexeo Solutions, LLCDawn Carter
NIC Federal, LLCLaura Johnson, CTP
NIC Federal, LLCShanda Zelaya, CTP
Oberweis Dairy, Inc.Andy Trefonas
Oberweis Dairy, Inc.Shane Vigue
Oldcastle / Allied Building ProductsKari C. Bartley, CTP
Oldcastle / Allied Building ProductsLuke Burke, CTP
Oldcastle / Allied Building ProductsBob Carson, CTP
Oldcastle / Allied Building ProductsMichael A. Crawford, CTP
Oldcastle / Allied Building ProductsJoseph M. Dilley, Sr., CTP, CDS
Oldcastle / Allied Building ProductsChristopher Geske, CTP
Oldcastle / Allied Building ProductsRobert Goldstein, CTP
Oldcastle / Allied Building ProductsAllister Kendall, CTP
Oldcastle / Allied Building ProductsChristina Lemoine, CTP
Oldcastle / Allied Building ProductsRandy Maddox
Oldcastle / Allied Building ProductsMichael B. Maglio, CTP
Oldcastle / Allied Building ProductsLauren Underwood, CTP
Oldcastle / Allied Building ProductsKerry Varney, CTP
Omega Laboratories, Inc.Mark Freemal
Omnitracs, LLCJohn Anderson, CTP
Omnitracs, LLCTimothy A. Carlquist, CTP
Omnitracs, LLCTom Cuthbertson
Omnitracs, LLCTom Dorgan, CTP
Omnitracs, LLCNick Gardner, CTP
Omnitracs, LLCChristopher A. Johnson, CTP
Omnitracs, LLCJim Lombardo, CTP
Omnitracs, LLCJim McLain, CTP
Omnitracs, LLCJoseph Ohr
Omnitracs, LLCChristopher Plaat
Omnitracs, LLCLindsey Regan
Omnitracs, LLCAndrew K. Schimelpfenig, CTP
Omnitracs, LLCMichael L. Segal, CTP
Omnitracs, LLCMichael Wenger, CTP
Omnitracs, LLCKen Yeomans
Omnitracs, LLCIrtiza Zaidi, CTP
onewaytrailers.comJackie Serra
onewaytrailers.comLyn Simon
Optimum Logistic SolutionsJon Formento
Optimum Logistic SolutionsRonald P. Formento, Jr.
Optimum Logistic SolutionsDexter C. King
Optimum Logistic SolutionsRick Lacey
Orgill Transportation Co., LLCTom Liddy
Orgill Transportation Co., LLCJosh Roberts
Orgill Transportation Co., LLCDerek Stuller
ORIGOClay Skelton
Orscheln Farm and Home, LLCErle Bergstrom, Jr., CTP
Orscheln Farm and Home, LLCJamie L. Elrod, CTP
PACCAR Leasing CompanyTodd S. Berger, CTP
PACCAR Leasing CompanyJames A. Browning, CTP
PACCAR Leasing CompanyMichelle Harry
PACCAR Leasing CompanyKevin Kiedrow
PACCAR Leasing CompanyEric Nelson
PACCAR Leasing CompanyKen Roemer
PACCAR Leasing CompanyGina Vecchioni, CTP
PACCAR Leasing CompanyRick Walden
PACCAR Leasing CompanySarah Waterhouse
PACCAR Leasing CompanyMike Willey, CTP
Palfinger Liftgates, LLCDanny Allshouse
Palfinger Liftgates, LLCGene Ayres
Palfinger Liftgates, LLCJohn Burger
Palfinger Liftgates, LLCHakan Peterson
Palmer Leasing GroupFrank Walter
PEAK Commercial & IndustrialMarty Martinelli
Pedigree TechnologiesApril Dennis
Pedigree TechnologiesWade Wilson
Penske Truck Leasing CompanyWilliam Combs
Penske Truck Leasing CompanyDavid Georgiana
Penske Truck Leasing CompanyDan McGovern
Penske Truck Leasing CompanyDonald K. Metcalf
Penske Truck Leasing CompanySherry Sanger
Penske Truck Leasing CompanyRosemary Schaffer, CTP
Penske Truck Leasing CompanyMike Sheelor
Penske Truck Leasing CompanyJack Sullivan
Penske Truck Leasing CompanySamantha Thompson
Penske Truck Leasing CompanyJames T. Wood
PeopleNetJim Angel, CTP
PeopleNetAnthony Elliot, CTP
PeopleNetRobert Hart, CTP
PeopleNetNicholas Hillesheim, CTP
PeopleNetRyan Jakubov
PeopleNetAlicia Jarosh, CTP
PeopleNetJoel Jorgenson, CTP
PeopleNetJohn Krumheuer, CTP
PeopleNetJamie Mielke
PeopleNetPerry Nix, CTP
PeopleNetGinny Marie Palmer
PeopleNetAlicia Petersen, CTP
PeopleNetChris Petersen, CTP
PeopleNetJim Rodi
PeopleNetAngela Shue
PeopleNetEllie Walradth
Pepsi Beverages CompanyTami Arnold
Pepsi Beverages CompanyAnnamaria Bugos, CTP
Pepsi Beverages CompanyDouglas Evans, CTP
Pepsi Beverages CompanyDavid Green, CTP
Pepsi Beverages CompanyMike Nelson, CTP
Pepsi Beverages CompanyDavid Nye, CTP
Pepsi Beverages CompanyLarry Olson, CTP
Pepsi Beverages CompanyGeorge R. Palmer, Jr., CTP
Pepsi Beverages CompanyRichard M. Reed, Jr., CTP
Pepsi Beverages CompanyNathan Rhoads, CTP
Perdue Farms, Inc.Jasper Carswell
Perdue Farms, Inc.Frank J. Cruice, CSP
Perdue Farms, Inc.Richard J. Hernandez
Perdue Farms, Inc.Aaron J. Hooper
Perdue Farms, Inc.Jay Jones
Perdue Farms, Inc.Timothy J. O'Hea, Jr., CTP
Perdue Farms, Inc.Thomas Pollard, CTP, CDS
Peterbilt Motors CompanyPaul Allen
Pivotal LNGDavid Jaskolski, CTP
Pivotal LNGLois Mason
PLM Trailer LeasingKevin Puzio, CTP
PLM Trailer LeasingJohn Rouse
POLARIS Laboratories, LLCHenry Neicamp
POLARIS Laboratories, LLCChris Wallace
Poly Trucking, Inc.Martin Fox
Poly Trucking, Inc.Jesse Koch
Power Service ProductsGavin Bowers
Power Service ProductsJeff Kramer
Power Service ProductsBob Sellers
Predictive Fleet TechnologiesJames Mentele
Premier Trailer Leasing, Inc.Jim Aubuchon
Premier Trailer Leasing, Inc.Larry Hall
Premier Trailer Leasing, Inc.Tim Ifland
Premier Trailer Leasing, Inc.John Jarrett
Premier Trailer Leasing, Inc.Bill VonKessel
PrePass, a Service provided by HELP Inc.Greg Alderman
PrePass, a Service provided by HELP Inc.Andrew Johnson
PrePass, a Service provided by HELP Inc.Mac Quillin
Pressure Systems InternationalAl Cohn
Pressure Systems InternationalDebra Moore
Pressure Systems InternationalDub Shepard
Private Fleet Backhaul, LLCKaren Archambault
Private Fleet Backhaul, LLCMichael DiEgidio
Private Fleet Backhaul, LLCRichard Hauser
Private Motor Truck Council of CanadaMike Millian
Propel GPS, LLCRick Burtner
PTG LogisticsRoger Welling
Pulsar Informatics, Inc.Steve Bruneau
Quality CompaniesDerek Doddridge
Quality CompaniesDon Hurley
Quality CompaniesDanny Williams
Quality CompaniesDan Zorger
QuikQ, LLCTamara Wilson
RAM MountsCaramie Huntington
RAM MountsKyle Pridmore
Rand McNallyManny Ghatwai
Rand McNallyFrank Griffin
Rand McNallyKyle Krug
Raynor Garage DoorsMike Benge
Raynor Garage DoorsNancy Nelson
Ritchie Bros. AuctioneersJosh Lazerson
Ritchie Bros. AuctioneersMike McMahon
Ross Transportation ServicesBill Cromling, III, CTP
Ross Transportation ServicesChristopher M. Fada, CTP
Ryder System, Inc.Kevin Butterfield
Ryder System, Inc.Barry Lorenz, CTP
Ryder System, Inc.Scott M. Mishoe, CTP
Ryder System, Inc.Isabelle Moon
Ryder System, Inc.Jonathon Reed
Ryder System, Inc.Matt Rigel
Ryder System, Inc.Joshua A. Robbins, CTP
Ryder System, Inc.Juan Rodriguez
Ryder System, Inc.William J. Toerpe, III, CTP
Ryder System, Inc.Steve Wornick
Ryder System, Inc.Rose Zajkowski
SAF Holland Inc.George Adams
SAF Holland Inc.Doug Dorn
SAF Holland Inc.Scott Ellsworth
Safety VisionRocky Bittner
Safety VisionRex Colorado
Save-A-Lot Food StoresJohn Wilson
Schenck SCTony Faust
Schenck SCChris Roble
Schenck SCPaul Westberg
Seeing Machines Inc.Melissa Byron
Seeing Machines Inc.Samuel Dupont
Seeing Machines Inc.Derek Hansen
Seeing Machines Inc.Tricia Nelson
Seeing Machines Inc.Tom Rasulo
Seeing Machines Inc.Chris Sluss
Sentinel Transportation, LLCTerry Busse
Sentinel Transportation, LLCAdam J. Gregori
Sentinel Transportation, LLCKevin Munoz
Sentinel Transportation, LLCTodd E. Porter
Sentinel Transportation, LLCMarilyn Shaw
Shaw Industries Group, Inc.Mick Miller
Shaw Industries Group, Inc.Brendan Stinson
Shaw Industries Group, Inc.Ralph E. Tentler, CTP
Shaw Industries Group, Inc.R. Scott Terrell, CTP
Sheetz Inc. / CLI Transport, LPEamonn Clarke
Sheetz Inc. / CLI Transport, LPStephanie Greiner
Sheetz Inc. / CLI Transport, LPFrank Scott
Sheetz Inc. / CLI Transport, LPRob Smith
Sherwin-Williams CompanyRussell Beeg
Sherwin-Williams CompanyKurt Jorgenson, CTP
Sherwin-Williams CompanyDavid M. Phillips
Sherwin-Williams CompanySteve Repko
Sherwin-Williams CompanyMichael Schreurs, CTP
Signature Graphics, Inc.Jennifer Krabbeler
Signature Graphics, Inc.Shawn Traub
Signature Graphics, Inc.Steven W. Whitaker
Silver Eagle Manufacturing Co.Brian MacKenzie
SkyBitz, Inc.Ken Borowski
SkyBitz, Inc.Peter Volis
SkyBitz, Inc.Amy Ward
SkyBitz, Inc.Jon Weeden
Sleep SolutionChristopher Kane
SmartCap LLCBrady J. Marcus
SmartDrive Systems, Inc.Michael J. Baker
SmartDrive Systems, Inc.Jeffrey T. Ferrell, CTP
SmartDrive Systems, Inc.Jarrid Frye, CTP
SmartDrive Systems, Inc.Ronald L. Jones, CTP
SmartDrive Systems, Inc.Alison Salinger
Sokolis Group Fuel ManagementConor Proud
SpeedGauge, Inc.Dale Dunaitis, CTP
SpeedGauge, Inc.RJ Epperson
SpeedGauge, Inc.Jonathan Hubbard
Speedway | SWTO LLCArchie Wood, CTP
Spire Natural Gas Fueling SolutionsTom Schultz
Stoughton Trailers, LLCRon Jake
Strehl / TrailerBladeJason O'Toole
Strive Logistics, LLCAdam Moreau
Strive Logistics, LLCJimmy Rhim
Strive Logistics, LLCBrian Swearingen
STS LogisticsMark Meyer
Subrogation Division, Inc.Sean Woolf
Sugar Foods CorporationWilliam A. Carter
Sugar Foods CorporationNico Ramirez
Sugar Foods CorporationJohn Williams
SuperVisionMichael Fox
SuperVisionZach Papenhausen
SupraKim Westbye
SupraScott Westfall
Supreme CorporationChris Dufort
Supreme CorporationWoody Fuller
Supreme CorporationTony McKinnon
Target StoresDoug Bovid
Target StoresRana Carter
Target StoresKevin Geary
Teletrac NavmanRyan Shean
Teletrac NavmanBrad Shean
TMH Transport, LLCJason G. Hosford, CTP
TMW SystemsSteven Kalnitzky, CTP
TMW SystemsSusana McLoughlin, CTP
TMW SystemsTim Miller
TMW SystemsAndy Miller
TMW SystemsCurtis Moats
TMW SystemsJames Stevenson
Toyota TransportCorinne Akahoshi
Toyota TransportCarol Porter
Toyota TransportKirk Welch
Trans Papa Logistics - Papa John'sBryan Alwert, CTP
Trans Papa Logistics - Papa John'sCameron Hafer, CTP
Trans Papa Logistics - Papa John'sKevin Jones, CTP
Trans Papa Logistics - Papa John'sTroy Kays, CTP
Trans Papa Logistics - Papa John'sDavid L. LeDay, CTP
Trans Papa Logistics - Papa John'sChris Silliman
Transervice Logistics, Inc.Joseph N. Evangelist
Transervice Logistics, Inc.Eugene M. Fontana, Jr., CTP
Transervice Logistics, Inc.Erin Jones
Transervice Logistics, Inc.Steve Kada
Transervice Logistics, Inc.Seth Kramer
Transervice Logistics, Inc.Jim Lavery
Transervice Logistics, Inc.Wolfgang Marschhauser
Transervice Logistics, Inc.Sean Schnipper
Transervice Logistics, Inc.John Walker
TransForce, Inc.Chuck Baker
TransForce, Inc.David W. Broome
TransForce, Inc.Tom Olsen
Transglobal DoorDoug Ritter
Transplace Texas, LPCharles Lamb
Transplace Texas, LPSteve Mitchell
Transplace Texas, LPGary Valencia
Transportation Data SourceDavid Nolan
TravelCenters of AmericaJeremy Andis
TravelCenters of AmericaHomer Hogg
TravelCenters of AmericaJeff Williams
Trillium Driver SolutionsCory Arnold
Trillium Driver SolutionsJames Koskovich
Trillium Driver SolutionsKurt Lieberman
Trucker Buddy InternationalGloria Clements
Trucker Buddy InternationalRandy Schwartzenburg
Truckstops Routing at MapmechanicsDaniela Guragata
Truckstops Routing at MapmechanicsMary Short
TydenBrooks Security Products GroupJeremy Westcott
TydenBrooks Security Products GroupPhil Whitley
U.S. Contract Trucking, LLCMatt Ehlinger
U.S. Contract Trucking, LLCJimmy Lewis
U.S. Gain - GAIN Clean FuelRoss Finlan
U.S. Gain - GAIN Clean FuelErick Johnson
U.S. Gain - GAIN Clean FuelTracy Williams-Prince
U.S. Water ServicesJerry Middagh
United Site ServicesKevin J. Podmore, MBA, CTP
Universal Forest Products, Inc.Larry L. Ogg, CTP
Upstate Niagara CooperativeBrian Danahy
Upstate Niagara CooperativeJohn T. Dunn
Upstate Niagara CooperativeStephen Mrzygut
Upstate Niagara CooperativeMelanie Sizemore
Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co.Mike Ashe
Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co.Sean Bicknell
Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co.Michael Resch
Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co.Chad Thornton
Valley Proteins, Inc.Paul Battista, CTP
Valley Proteins, Inc.Jeff Bruchey, CTP
Valley Proteins, Inc.Chad Cleck, CTP
Valley Proteins, Inc.Sandy Huggins, CTP, CDS
Valley Proteins, Inc.Michael P. Shomody, CTP
Valley Proteins, Inc.Roger Vacovsky
Vanguard National Trailer Corp.Jeff Gagnon
Vanguard National Trailer Corp.Jeff Hyatt
Vanguard National Trailer Corp.Jim King
Vanguard National Trailer Corp.Gerald Lozier
Vanguard National Trailer Corp.Charlie Mudd
Vanguard National Trailer Corp.Matt Smith
Vanguard National Trailer Corp. Denny Williams
Vector Fleet Management, LLCBates Chapman
Velvac, Inc.Jeff Sterinbach
Veritiv Operating CompanyJon Ayars
Veritiv Operating CompanyDavid P. Rodenroth, CTP
VF Jeanswear, Inc.Bill Hartman, CTP
Vigillo, A SambaSafety CompanySteven G. Bryan
Vigillo, A SambaSafety CompanySteve Wilhelms
Virage SimulationDanny Grenier
Virage SimulationTim Martin
Virage SimulationDeborah Quackenbush
Vnomics Corp.Robert Magnant, CTP
Vnomics Corp.Andrew Markese
Vnomics Corp.Edward C. McCarthy, CTP
Volvo Truck Leasing SystemMichael Darr
Volvo Truck Leasing SystemDavid Elliott
Volvo Truck Leasing SystemJames Woolston-Smith
Volvo TrucksJames M. Beichner
Volvo TrucksPeter Blonde
Volvo TrucksKurt Hollinger
Volvo TrucksTheresa Martinez
Volvo TrucksWade Overstreet
Volvo TrucksMikael Sievers
Volvo TrucksChris Stadler
Von Maur, Inc.Jeri Bryan
Wal-Mart Transportation LLCMike Noble
Walgreen Oshkosh, Inc.Jacob J. Klingbeil, CTP
Walgreen Oshkosh, Inc.Edward R. Schultes, Jr., CTP
Walgreen Oshkosh, Inc.Christopher S. Whitehurst, CTP
Walgreen Oshkosh, Inc.Rodney M. Wilson, CTP
Waltco Lift CorporationJoshua Flora, CTP
Waltco Lift CorporationMark Robinson
Waltco Lift CorporationRon Truitt
Waltco Lift CorporationAnthony Wayne
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.David Barth, CTP
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.Sean Dubman, CTP
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.Ryan Shue
Weyerhaeuser CompanyGrant H. Zitting
Wheels Inc.Richard W. Zambroski, CTP
Whirlwind Steel BuildingsBrad Brooke, CTP
Whiteline Express, Ltd.Julie Cundy, CTP
Whiteline Express, Ltd.Brian Holley, CTP
Whiting Door ManufacturingMichael Winter
Whiting Door ManufacturingPaul Zola
Wilbur-Ellis CompanyMegan Rollo
Worthington IndustriesDoug Peterson
XTRA LeaseRon Kemm
XTRA LeaseDerek Lancer
XTRA LeaseM. Kathleen O'Leary
XTRA LeaseCraig Richter
XTRA LeaseGabrielle Wrigley
Zonar Systems, Inc.Michael Byington
Zonar Systems, Inc.Wayne Deno
Zonar Systems, Inc.Jamie Fantich
Zonar Systems, Inc.Brandon Lucas
Zonar Systems, Inc.Sarah Syvertsen