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National Private Truck Council (NPTC) is the national trade association dedicated exclusively to representing private motor carrier fleets. These corporate or “private” truck fleets are operated by manufacturers, distributors, processors, and retailers to meet their inbound and outbound transportation needs. Such fleets also include food, retail, wholesale, construction and service companies.

Private motor carrier fleets account for approximately 82 percent of the medium and heavy-duty trucks registered in the United States; travel approximately 53 percent of all the U.S. miles traveled for medium and heavy-duty trucks; and consist of slightly more than two million vehicles. Consequently, private fleets comprise the largest segment of the trucking industry.


To be recognized and respected as the preeminent national trade association representing the private fleet/corporate transportation and distribution field, professional fleet managers, and affiliated service/product providers.


To fulfill the highest expectations of our members and to achieve our greatest potential as a leading trade association in the field of transportation.


  • We respect our members and the professional roles they play
  • We seek to build long-term relationships with our members and staff associates based on loyalty, commitment, integrity and good will
  • We strive to deliver exceptional service to our members
  • We promote open, straight-forward communication and work to build consensus and collegiality in all dealings involving the Board of Directors, members, staff, industry associations and the trade press
  • We encourage every individual’s contributions and foster an environment which encourages innovation and creativity in finding new solutions


  • To provide leadership in promoting and enhancing the interests of the private fleet/corporate transportation and distribution field
  • To provide training and certification programs which advance the professional skill and knowledge of our members
  • To provide government advocacy programs to help shape legislative, regulatory and safety compliance policies affecting the industry
  • To provide forums for the exchange of information and industry best practice among members
  • To provide recognition and rewards programs to honor companies and top professionals who set and maintain high standards of performance


The National Private Truck Council is the national trade association representing interests of the private fleet/corporate transportation and distribution field. The association provides accessible services and benefits to all members as represented in six division categories: Heavy-Duty Fleets; Medium and Light-Duty Fleets; Third-Party Users; Third-Party Providers; Allied-Large Volume Supplier; and Allied-Small Volume Supplier.

These divisions ensure that NPTC represents the entire spectrum of the private fleet community and that all members, irrespective of division, have a fair and equal representative voice in shaping the policies and practices of NPTC regardless of size, scope and nature of their business activity.

The association focuses on information-sharing; professional networking; advocacy; education; and, the promotion of sound, ethical business practices and standards. NPTC places a high value on building strong, lasting relationships and good will, and in forging strategic alliances and partnerships with other organizations of common purpose.

For more information on NPTC membership, please visit our Fleet or Allied membership information pages or contact Serena Porter, Director of Membership and Marketing, at

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