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This year’s Benchmarking Survey Report attests to the essentiality of the private fleet service, to the value provided by NPTC member companies, and above all, to the professionals that lead these operations.

The private fleet reflected in the 2023 Report has proven itself as a reliable and flexible strategic asset — a valuable link in the supply chain.

The Benchmarking Survey Report is widely regarded as the foremost authoritative resource on private truck fleet operating practices in the U.S. and the most valued of Council membership benefits. It serves as the gold standard by which fleets assess performance against national standards and a scorecard for fleet justification and continuous improvement.

As an exclusive members-only benefit, the report highlights key trends and operating metrics of private fleets on a wide range of protocols, best practices, and leading standards used to measure differentiating qualities which private fleets bring to corporate transportation including:

  • Why Companies Operate Private Fleets
  • Outbound Versus Inbound Freight Ratios
  • Performance and Optimization Trends
  • Driver Issues and Labor Trends
  • Cost Center versus Profit Center
  • Cost Performance
  • Safety Trends
  • Future Growth of Private Fleets

To augment the value of the Report, NPTC will provide upon request to fleet members “customized data pulls” for showing comparisons and contrasts with peer fleets. Contact Tom Moore at for more information.

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2023 Benchmarking Report Highlights

NPTC Members have full access to the 87-page report that provides explanation and interpretation of key private fleet trends in the areas of safety, financial, operational, equipment, maintenance, human resources, and technology. Sample metrics from this year’s report can be found below.
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