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A combination of your on-the-job experience and taking advantage of the numerous educational programs and publications offered by industry associations, provide the best preparation for the CTP® Examination.

To increase your chances of passing the CTP Examination, we recommend that you begin your study preparation as soon as practical.

CTP Study Guides

Available for free download once your Eligibility Application has been accepted.

Benchmarking Survey Report

Confirmed CTP Candidates are encouraged to download the latest copy of the Benchmarking Survey Report, which highlights key trends and operating metrics of private fleets on a wide range of protocols, best practices, and leading standards used to measure differentiating qualities which private fleets bring to corporate transportation.

Professional Networking

Networking with transportation professionals who have earned the CTP designation.

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“It has given me a great network of people for sharing ideas and brainstorming.”

Beth Mars, CTP
Frito-Lay, Inc.
Top Graduate
CTP Class of 2014

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