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Each year, NPTC conducts a Benchmarking survey of our Fleet members. The data collected is aggregated into the Annual Benchmarking Report, an exclusive members-only benefit sponsored by Trimble Transportation. Widely regarded as one of the most valuable and exclusive benefits of NPTC membership, the report contains information and data collected from participating companies for the previous calendar year.

The Benchmarking Report highlights key trends and operating metrics of private fleets on a wide range of metrics, best practices, and leading standards used to measure differentiating qualities which private fleets bring to corporate transportation including:

  • Why Companies Operate Private Fleets
  • Outbound Versus Inbound Freight Rations
  • Fleet Demographics
  • Performance and Optimization Trends
  • Driver Issues and Labor Trends
  • Cost Performance
  • Safety Trends
  • Future Growth of Private Fleets

To access the 2020 Benchmarking Report, please click here.

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