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The Benchmarking Survey is designed for the benefit of NPTC fleet members compare their operation to other best-in-class performers, to identify strategic areas of opportunity, and to enhance their value proposition.

NPTC is excited to introduce a new questionnaire platform provided by Dynamic Benchmarking, one of the top providers of benchmarking development and support. This year’s survey platform features:

  • Enhanced security protocols
  • Improved data collection
  • Updated graphic interface
  • Streamlined navigation
  • Improved tracking and status monitoring
  • The ability to download previous year’s survey submissions year-to-year.

Participants can also download the survey in Excel format, which can be circulated to team members; answer sections in the order of their choosing; save data and re-login; and easily stay up-to-date on completion progress.

The primary membership contact of each NPTC Fleet member has been provided direct access to the survey platform. If you have a question about accessing the survey, please email for assistance.

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