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The Benchmarking Survey is designed for the benefit of NPTC fleet members as they seek to compare their operation to other best-in-class performers, to identify strategic areas of opportunity, and to enhance their value proposition.

The Benchmarking Survey helps “sell” the private fleet to owners and upper management. Top decision-makers often do not realize, or underestimate, the significant differentiated value and essential core importance which the fleet contributes to the company’s overall success. In addition, the survey provides the fleet management team with comparative metrics to quantify the superior customer service, driver dependability, cost, and safety which the fleet provides versus outside carriers.

The report contains information from 112 private fleet members of NPTC – the second highest number of contributors in the 16 years we have been conducting the survey. This is truly remarkable given the COVID-19 pandemic which has consumed much of our members’ time and energy over the past year.

The 2021 Benchmarking data collection period has concluded. To preview the information that is included in the final report, click here to view the survey instrument.

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