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Completed applications are due Friday, February 2, 2024.

NPTC Fleet member companies can submit applications for as many terminal locations as might qualify; each terminal must be submitted with a separate application.

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VEHICLE: a tractor used in commercial application, excluding automobiles

: less than 10,000 GVWR
MEDIUM-DUTY: 10,001-26,000 GVWR

: Only include fleet miles for vehicles in the three listed categories. If hours are used, total hours multiplied by 40 equals equivalent miles.

: An occurrence, regardless of preventability, involving a commercial motor vehicle operating on a highway in interstate or intrastate commerce that results in: a fatality; bodily injury to a person who, as a result of the injury, immediately receives medical treatment away from the scene of the crash; or one or more motor vehicles incurring disabling damage as a result of the crash, requiring the motor vehicle to be transported away from the scene by a tow truck or other motor vehicle.

: All crashes involving the operation of motor vehicles by the applicant are reportable whether they occur on private or public property. A crash is to be included regardless of the amount of property damage, and/or if any injury or fatality is sustained. A crash is to be included regardless of preventability, responsibility, or identity of the party who pays for the damage (this includes deer strikes). Exception: An accident involving a legally-parked company vehicle shall not be considered as reportable for this contest.

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