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April 21, 2024

For Information Contact:
Gary Petty, NPTC

NPTC Honors 104 Certified Transportation Professionals® (CTP)

ARLINGTON, VA – A total number of 104 transportation professionals have achieved the prestigious designation of Certified Transportation Professional® (CTP) by the NPTC Institute, the educational and professional certification arm of the National Private Truck Council (NPTC). The CTP program is sponsored by J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. The graduation ceremony took place in conjunction with the NPTC Annual Education Management Conference and Exhibition April 21-23, 2024, in Orlando, FL.

Since the CTP designation was first introduced in 1993, nearly 1,800 fleet and transportation professionals have earned the right to add CTP after their name. CTPs are raising industry standards, and in turn, increasing the respect and prestige of the fleet and transportation profession.

“These new Certified Transportation Professionals have demonstrated the knowledge and ability to understand complex operational and regulatory issues, identify and evaluate potential costs and savings, and develop systems and practices that best meet their company’s transportation needs and objectives,” said Mike Schwersenska, CTP, General Manager, Brakebush Transportation, LLC, and Chair of the NPTC Institute Board of Governors that oversees the program.

“The CTP designation is a benchmark of excellence earned by a special few, but available to any fleet or transportation specialist willing to make the necessary commitment of dedicated effort,” he added.

Each year, FleetOwner magazine sponsors the CTP Top Graduate Award. This year’s Top Graduate was Danielle Siecienski, CTP, Safety Manager, New South Express, Inc.

The following individuals represent the CTP Class of 2024:

  • Robert “BO” Acker, CTP, Orgill Transportation Co., LLC
  • Keddrick Agu-Udemba, CTP, Arhaus Logistics
  • Jake Allen, CTP, Dot Transportation, Inc.
  • Kirsten Babb, CTP, Fleet Advantage
  • Jamie Bailey, CTP, Standard Logistics Corporation
  • David Baldwin, CTP, Pioneer Landscape Centers
  • Matt Baldwin, CTP, Centerline Drivers, LLC
  • Tony Baylie, CTP, Tempur Sealy International, Inc.
  • Stephen Beckner, CTP, Pepsi Beverages Co.
  • Mahlon Bender, CTP, Albertsons Companies
  • Hadley Benton, CTP, Fleet Advantage
  • Robert Benuzzi, CTP, Adirondack Beverages
  • Sandra Berg, CTP, TransDirectUSA, LLC
  • Timothy Boldurian, CTP, Mondelēz International LLC
  • Jeff Boyington, CTP, CPC Logistics, Inc.
  • Brian Joe Brown, CTP, Walmart Transportation LLC
  • Val Cabanig, CTP, Clifford W. Perham/Shaws
  • Joseph M. Camara, CTP, Coastal Pacific Food Distributors
  • Nathan Cardy, CTP, HC Transport, Inc.
  • Steve Carriveau, CTP, America’s Service Line, LLC
  • Dan Chase, CTP, Polar Beverages
  • Jarrod Conway, CTP, J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.
  • Dale Cooper, CTP, Albertsons Companies
  • Michael Cormier, CTP, Mondelēz International LLC
  • Melinda Corujo, CTP, Brakebush Transportation, Inc.
  • Guy Crump, CTP, Fleet Advantage
  • Brandon Danler, CTP, JBS Carriers, Inc.
  • James H. Darr II, CTP, Precision Strip Transport
  • Adrienne Davis, CTP, Mondelēz International LLC
  • Yvonne Davis-Glover, CTP, J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.
  • Garrett Dubé, CTP, Albertsons Companies
  • Scott Dukes, CTP, J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.
  • Landon Durington, CTP, Performance Food Group
  • Corey Ellis, CTP, Mondelēz International LLC
  • Travis Farver, CTP, Performance Food Group
  • Christopher W. Fillmon, CTP, Tyler Technologies (NIC)
  • Cody Gordon, CTP, Penske Truck Leasing Co.
  • Jeff Goretski, CTP, Oldcastle Building Products
  • Robert L. Gray III, CTP, Albertsons Companies
  • John Harmon, CTP, Pepsi Beverages Co.
  • Brunson Harrell, CTP, Pepsi Beverages Co.
  • Misty Hayes, CTP, Shaw Industries Group, Inc.
  • Eric Hernandez, CTP, Standard Logistics Corporation
  • James Hetzel, CTP, Pitney Bowes Inc.
  • James Hooper, CTP, Blue Line Foodservice Distribution
  • Jon Hosier, CTP, Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
  • Mac Hudson, CTP, Dollar General Corporation
  • Don Johnson, CTP, Pitney Bowes Inc.
  • Richard Johnson, CTP, Upstate Niagara Cooperative
  • James C. Joslin II, CTP, Ocean State Job Lot
  • Damien Katzenmeyer, CTP, Beacon Building Products
  • James Kaufman, CTP, International Truck
  • Robert A. Kirst, CTP, Performance Food Group
  • Nathan Kopf, CTP, PACCAR Leasing Company
  • Rob Kruck, CTP, Coborn’s, Incorporated
  • Patrick W. Lehman, CTP, Mack Leasing System, Inc.
  • Moaz Malek, CTP, Performance Food Group
  • John Mays, CTP, Workhorse Group, Inc.
  • Darryl McCabe, CTP, Frito-Lay, Inc.
  • Gregory Maurice McCray, CTP, CVS Health
  • Andrew McGrath, CTP, HC Transport, Inc.
  • Dodson McPherson, CTP, Dot Transportation, Inc.
  • Diego Moreno Ferguson, CTP, Nextran Truck Centers
  • David R. Mueller, CTP, CPC Logistics, Inc.
  • James Mustain, CTP, Tempur Sealy International, Inc.
  • Chris Nardi, CTP, Tempur Sealy International, Inc.
  • Chris Nau, CTP, NetraDyne
  • Sean Nebert, CTP, J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.
  • Tabitha Norman, CTP, National DCP, LLC
  • Christopher  Panzer, CTP, Albertsons Companies
  • Vincent L. Perry Jr., CTP, Perdue Farms, Inc.
  • Keith Peyton, CTP, CVS Health
  • Chris Pitts, CTP, Merchants Distributors, LLC
  • Jamie Porter, CTP, Solera
  • Lane Powell, CTP, Peterbilt Motors Company
  • Andrew Prosser, CTP, Wheels
  • Adam Putzer, CTP, CPC Logistics, Inc.
  • Brian Quintana, CTP, Hunt Advantage Group/Pizza Wholesale of Lexington
  • Keith Roberson, CTP, Shaw Industries Group, Inc.
  • Darla Roberts, CTP, Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.
  • Carlos Salazar, CTP, Standard Logistics Corporation
  • Tanner Salik, CTP, Standard Logistics Corporation
  • Maggie Seaman, CTP, Penske Truck Leasing Co.
  • Kristen M. Seeley, CTP, Star Line Trucking Corporation
  • Grady Sessoms, CTP, Frito-Lay, Inc.
  • Jeff Shaffer, CTP, Oldcastle Building Products
  • Danielle Siecienski, CTP, New South Express, Inc.
  • Cody Smith, CTP, Dot Transportation, Inc.
  • Gregory D. Stohler, CTP, Mack Leasing System, Inc.
  • Jeffrey Stood, CTP, Johnsonville Trucking LLC
  • Derek Stuller, CTP, Orgill Transportation Co., LLC
  • Jevon Teague, CTP, Workhorse Group, Inc.
  • Deric Thomas, CTP, Performance Food Group
  • Caleb Thomey, CTP, JMS Transport LLC
  • Bill Townsley, CTP, Mondelēz International LLC
  • Michael Trotter, CTP, CPC Logistics, Inc.
  • Byron Vandenbark, CTP, AutoZone, Inc.
  • Tim Vial, CTP, Clasen Quality Chocolate
  • Randy Waltz, CTP, Upstate Niagara Cooperative
  • Ryan Wells, CTP, Clean Harbors, Inc.
  • KC Witte, CTP, Penske Truck Leasing Co.
  • Brandon Wooden, CTP, J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.
  • James Yeakey, CTP, Trimble Transportation
  • Tony Zairis, CTP, Mondelēz International LLC
The Certified Transportation Professional Class® of 2024

The Certified Transportation Professional Class® of 2024

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