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For Immediate Release
May 12, 2023

For Information Contact:
Gary Petty, NPTC

NPTC Honors 139 Certified Transportation Professionals® (CTP)

ARLINGTON, VA – A record number, 139 transportation professionals have achieved the prestigious designation of Certified Transportation Professional® (CTP) by the NPTC Institute, the educational and professional certification arm of the National Private Truck Council (NPTC). The CTP program is sponsored by J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. The graduation ceremony took place in conjunction with the NPTC Annual Education Management Conference and Exhibition May 7-9, 2023, in Orlando, FL.

Since the CTP designation was first introduced in 1993, more than 1,700 fleet and transportation professionals have earned the right to add CTP after their name. CTPs are raising industry standards, and in turn, increasing the respect and prestige of the fleet and transportation profession.

“These new Certified Transportation Professionals have demonstrated the knowledge and ability to understand complex operational and regulatory issues, identify and evaluate potential costs and savings, and develop systems and practices that best meet their company’s transportation needs and objectives,” said Duane Woods, CTP, Senior Director, Transportation Operations, Albertsons Companies, and Chair of the NPTC Institute Board of Governors that oversees the program.

2023 Top CTP Graduate: Arvin Zabalerio, CTP

“The CTP designation is a benchmark of excellence earned by a special few, but available to any fleet or transportation specialist willing to make the necessary commitment of dedicated effort.”

Each year, FleetOwner magazine sponsors the CTP Top Graduate Award. This year’s Top Graduate was Arvin Zabalerio, CTP, Senior Transport Manager- Northeast, Pepsi Beverages Company.

The following individuals represent the CTP Class of 2023:

  • Timothy Adam, CTP, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.
  • Tom Adams, CTP, Cummins Inc.
  • Sarah D. Albertson, CTP, CPC Logistics, Inc.
  • Marc Aube, CTP, MedTrans LLC
  • Tyler Austin, CTP, Albertsons Companies
  • Jonathan Bailey, CTP, Pepsi Beverages Company
  • Todd Barbour, CTP, LSP Transport, LLC
  • Chris Bendorf, CTP, Pitney Bowes Inc.
  • Robert Bond, CTP, ProVia Logistics LLC
  • John Bossong, CTP, PACCAR Leasing Company
  • Ross Bradder, CTP, EROAD, Inc.
  • Dean Bradley, CTP, The Home Depot, Inc.
  • Adam Braswell, CTP, Idealease
  • Rod Burns, CTP, Oldcastle Building Products
  • Amber Burris, CTP, Tillamook County Creamery Association
  • Ivan Carrillo, CTP, Performance Food Group
  • Chris Carter, CTP, ProVia Logistics LLC
  • Matthew Carter, CTP, Trimble Transportation
  • Michelle Caviston, CTP, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
  • Phil Chouinard, CTP, Weinstein Wholesale Meats
  • Robbie Clark, CTP, Dot Transportation, Inc.
  • Michael Conroy, CTP, Standard Logistics Transportation
  • Chris Corlee, CTP, ORBCOMM
  • Micha Cox, CTP, Standard Logistics Transportation
  • Robert Brett Davis, CTP, Dot Transportation, Inc.
  • Dale De St. Jeor, CTP, Cornerstone Building Brands
  • Danielle Derecola, CTP, Scholastic Book Fairs
  • Pete Dhuse, CTP, Merchants Distributors, LLC
  • Mike Dickerson, CTP, Cornerstone Building Brands
  • Kevin Dieterle, CTP, Dot Transportation, Inc.
  • Bruce Dinger, CTP, Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages
  • Kristopher Dolch, CTP, Fleet Advantage, LLC
  • Christopher Donalson, CTP, Standard Logistics Trans.
  • Brian Du Bois, CTP, PACE Supply Corporation
  • Ed Dunaway, CTP, International Truck
  • Zach Endicott, CTP, Penske Truck Leasing Company
  • Dennis Fabbro, CTP, Scholastic Book Fairs
  • Miguel Fernandez, CTP, WinCo Foods LLC
  • Bryan Fischer, CTP, Standard Logistics Transportation
  • Danielle Ford, CTP, Frito-Lay, Inc.
  • Erica Charisse Forté, CTP, Aaron’s, Inc.
  • Taylor Furgalack, CTP, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
  • Kenny Garrett, CTP, Orgill Transportation Co., LLC
  • Yvette Garza, CTP, Penske Truck Leasing Company
  • Carson Gastman, CTP, PACE Supply Corporation
  • Vanessa Gauci, CTP, Frito-Lay, Inc.
  • Tiffani Gerber, CTP, ProVia Logistics LLC
  • Gregory Gmeinder, CTP, America’s Service Line, LLC
  • Leslie Gomez, CTP, CPC Logistics, Inc.
  • Frederick Gould, Jr. , CTP, Scholastic Book Fairs
  • TJ Graham, CTP, Clean Harbors, Inc.
  • Norlene Gray, CTP, Brakebush Transportation, Inc.
  • Julie Hadden, CTP, Beyel Brothers, Inc.
  • Albert Hall, CTP, Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
  • Darryl Hampton, CTP, Marathon Petroleum Company
  • Jennifer L. Haripar, CTP, CPC Logistics, Inc.
  • Marc Hettinger, CTP, Pepsi Beverages Company
  • Matt Holland, CTP, Walters Recycling & Refuse, Inc.
  • Aaron Howell, CTP, Uptake Technologies
  • Jeana Hysell, CTP, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.
  • Alysia Jackson, CTP, Chick-Fil-A Supply
  • Brittany Cumming Jackson, CTP, Pepsi Beverages Co.
  • Robert Jackson, CTP, Walmart Transportation LLC
  • Ryan Jakubov, CTP, Trimble Transportation
  • Chris James, CTP, Fox & James, Inc.
  • Terrance James, CTP, Weinstein Wholesale Meats
  • Brian Klenke, CTP, Cornerstone Building Brands
  • David A. Kreidler Jr., CTP, Scholastic Book Fairs
  • Ashley Lane, CTP, Pepsi Beverages Company
  • David Le Beau, CTP, Walgreen Oshkosh, Inc.
  • David Leibensperger, CTP, Darling Ingredients, Inc.
  • Michael Leonard, CTP, Oldcastle Building Products
  • Brett Loeber, CTP, Performance Food Group
  • Mike Loss, CTP, Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
  • John C. Lowitzer, CTP, PCS Software
  • Jim Maas, CTP, Dot Transportation, Inc.
  • Kelly Mabie, CTP, Scholastic Book Fairs
  • Monica Maez, CTP, Standard Logistics Transportation
  • Pamela J. Martin, CTP, MedTrans LLC
  • Spencer Matthews, CTP, ADICA Trucking LLC
  • Daniel Scott Mauney, CTP, Merchants Distributors, LLC
  • Patrick McHugh, CTP, Tillamook County Creamery Assn.
  • Sean McKenzie, CTP, Pepsi Beverages Company
  • Timothy McKnight, CTP, Mondelez Global LLC
  • Willis McVey, CTP, United Pipe & Steel Corp.
  • Kevin R. Meares, CTP, Darling Ingredients, Inc.
  • Ryan Michael, CTP, Walgreen Oshkosh, Inc.
  • Chad Mollin, CTP, International Truck
  • Deborah Murray, CTP, Core-Mark International (PFG)
  • Michael Naylor, CTP, WinCo Foods
  • Brad O’Leary, CTP, Orgill Transportation Co., LLC
  • Devon Pearson, CTP, Cornerstone Building Brands
  • Nicole Pierzina, CTP, Pitney Bowes Inc.
  • Jared Prestwood, CTP, Merchants Distributors, LLC
  • Matthew Price, CTP, LSP Transport, LLC
  • Charlene Race, CTP, Performance Food Group
  • Stephen Rardin, CTP, Tempur Sealy International, Inc.
  • Renante Redmon, CTP, Centerline Drivers, LLC
  • Chuck Robinson, CTP, Clifford W. Perham / Shaw’s
  • Shane Rodriguez, CTP, WinCo Foods
  • Natalie Roe, CTP, ChargePoint, Inc.
  • Chris Rogers, CTP, Core-Mark International
  • James Schemm, CTP, Albertsons Companies
  • Sam Schuster, CTP, Pepsi Beverages Company
  • Dana Sealock, CTP, VTI of Georgia
  • Matthew Shubert, CTP, Pepsi Beverages Company
  • Edward Simpson, CTP, Centerline Drivers, LLC
  • Elsa René Smith, CTP, CVS Health
  • Sonja Smith, CTP, Trimble Transportation
  • Brian Smith, CTP, Scholastic Book Fairs
  • Don Sollman, CTP, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.
  • Tim Spencer, CTP, Scholastic Book Fairs
  • Stephen R. St. John Jr., CTP, CVS Health
  • Logan Stammel, CTP, Pitney Bowes Inc.
  • Holly Stegall, CTP, Cornerstone Building Brands
  • Ryan Stewart, CTP, Cummins Inc.
  • Mason Summers, CTP, Penske Truck Leasing Co.
  • Ashley Taylor, CTP, Orgill Transportation Co., LLC
  • Stephen Taylor, CTP, Pitney Bowes Inc.
  • Phillip Teasley II, CTP, CVS Health
  • Jessica Tincher, CTP, Bob Evans Transportation Co.
  • Richard Trester, CTP, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.
  • Lilla Turner, CTP, The Home Depot, Inc.
  • Kellie Van Hill, CTP, ADICA Trucking LLC
  • David Lane Vice, CTP, Orgill Transportation Co., LLC
  • Kyle Wallace, CTP, ORBCOMM
  • Colleen Walters, CTP, Penske Truck Leasing Company
  • Chris Ward, CTP, Pioneer Landscape Centers
  • Jonathan Ward, CTP, Pepsi Beverages Company
  • Rick Weiher, CTP, CPC Logistics, Inc.
  • Mary Weisensel, CTP, Walgreen Oshkosh, Inc.
  • Mitchell Welham, CTP, Pepsi Beverages Company
  • Todd Wheeler, CTP, Clifford W. Perham / Shaw’s
  • Cliff White, CTP, Scholastic Book Fairs
  • Derrick Whitfield, CTP, Scholastic Book Fairs
  • Craig Widdowson, CTP, The Home Depot, Inc.
  • John R. Williams, CTP, Cooling Concepts, LLC
  • Elizabeth Ziemski, CTP, Pepsi Beverages Company

The Certified Transportation Professional Class® of 2023

About NPTC

Founded in 1939, the National Private Truck Council is the only national trade association exclusively representing the interests of the private truck industry and corporate/business private truck fleet management. With an actively engaged leadership team of Board representatives, member volunteers and staff, NPTC in the past decade has grown significantly to serve a rising professional class of private fleet practitioners meeting the challenges of modern corporate transportation. NPTC is the leading learning resource center, government affairs advocate, and business networking culture for America’s top private fleet and supplier member companies.  The Council produces benchmarking, best practices, and economic data reports on the private fleet market; administers the highly regarded Certified Transportation Professional (CTP) training program, and conducts some of the most successful events in the trucking industry including the Annual Education Management Conference and Exhibition, the Private Fleet Management Institute, and the National Safety Conference. For more information about the Council’s activities and programs, visit our website at

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