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April 21, 2022

For Information Contact:
Gary Petty, NPTC

NPTC Honors 77 Certified Transportation Professionals® (CTP)

ARLINGTON, VA – Seventy-seven transportation professionals have achieved the prestigious designation of Certified Transportation Professional® (CTP) by the NPTC Institute, the educational and professional certification arm of the National Private Truck Council (NPTC). The CTP program is sponsored by J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. The graduation ceremony took place in conjunction with the NPTC Annual Education Management Conference and Exhibition April 10-12, 2022, in Cincinnati.

Since the CTP designation was first introduced in 1993, nearly 1,500 fleet and transportation professionals have earned the right to add CTP after their name. CTPs are raising industry standards, and in turn, increasing the respect and prestige of the fleet and transportation profession. Click here to view past CTP classes.

“These new Certified Transportation Professionals have demonstrated the knowledge and ability to understand complex operational and regulatory issues, identify and evaluate potential costs and savings, and develop systems and practices that best meet their company’s transportation needs and objectives,” said Duane Woods, CTP, Senior Director, Transportation Operations, Albertsons Companies, and Chair of the NPTC Institute Board of Governors that oversees the program.

“The CTP designation is a benchmark of excellence earned by a special few, but available to any fleet or transportation specialist willing to make the necessary commitment of dedicated effort.”

Taylor Wise, CTP

Each year, Fleet Owner magazine sponsors the CTP Top Graduate Award. This year’s Top Graduate was Taylor Wise, CTP, Assistant Transportation Manager, Dot Transportation, Inc.

The following individuals represent the CTP Class of 2022:

  • Frank Adams, CTP, Trimble Transportation
  • Cara Austin, CTP, Core-Mark International
  • Sam Bairn, CTP, Albertsons Companies
  • Scott Bevil, CTP, TransForce Group
  • Emily Burgeson, CTP, GAF Corp./Hawk Logistics
  • Dan Burns, CTP, Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages
  • John Cahill, CTP, Waltco Lift Corp
  • Jason Calhoun, CTP, Idealease, Inc.
  • Jared Comstock, CTP, Nolan Transportation
  • Dominic Covello, CTP, The QUIKRETE Companies
  • Amanda Davidson, CTP, Lumina Foods
  • Don Davis, CTP, Fleet Advantage
  • Mario Delgado, CTP, Idealease, Inc.
  • Gary Dickerson, CTP, Perdue Farms, Inc.
  • Ryan Dotson, CTP, Albertsons Companies
  • Rich Ebersold, CTP, Sheetz/CLI Transport
  • Mike Edwards, CTP, ORBCOMM
  • Brooke English, CTP, The QUIKRETE Companies
  • Charlie Fetters, CTP, Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages
  • Steven Fix, CTP, Core-Mark International
  • Allan Flores, CTP, CPC Logistics, Inc.
  • Nicolas Freeman, CTP
  • Gus Garcia, CTP, Smart & Final
  • Phillip Golladay, CTP, Solera
  • Christopher Haas, CTP, Interstate Batteries
  • John Halambeck, CTP, J.J. Keller & Associates
  • Wesley Hall, CTP, Fleet Advantage
  • Kyle C. Hall, CTP, ProVia Logistics, LLC
  • Daren Hansen, CTP, J.J. Keller & Associates
  • Kevin Howell, CTP, Perdue Farms, Inc.
  • David Johns, CTP, Idealease, Inc.
  • Eric Kind, CTP, J.J. Keller & Associates
  • Anthony Kremer, CTP, Core-Mark International
  • Kurt Kusché, CTP, PACCAR Leasing Company
  • Scott Lail, CTP, Merchants Distributors, Inc.
  • Samantha Lee, CTP, Upstate Niagara Coop
  • Roderick Malone, CTP, J.J. Keller & Associates
  • Heather McMillan, CTP, ProVia Logistics LLC
  • Jamie Millis, CTP, CPC Logistics, Inc.
  • Kate Mirise, CTP, The Mennel Milling Co.
  • Colleen Moore, CTP, ADICA Trucking LLC
  • Michael Mullins, CTP, WinCo Foods
  • Billy Newman, CTP, Trimble Transportation
  • Bob O’Connell, CTP, J.J. Keller & Associates
  • Christy O’Neill, CTP, Daryl Flood Relocation
  • Kelly Owen, CTP, Perdue Farms, Inc.
  • John Padilla, CTP, Imperfect Foods
  • Edwin Reardon, CTP, CF Logistics LLC
  • Sydney Reed, CTP, Home City Ice
  • Harry Reitzel, CTP, ACME Markets/Albertsons
  • Adam Reynolds, CTP, J.J. Keller & Associates
  • John Robbins, CTP, GAF Corp./Hawk Logistics
  • Xochil Rodarte, CTP, America’s Service Line
  • Derek Rogers, CTP, ProVia Logistics LLC
  • Robin Schneider, CTP, ORBCOMM
  • Matti Segel, CTP, Idealease, Inc.
  • Kyle Sellers, CTP, Core-Mark International
  • Richard Sherrer, CTP, ADICA Trucking LLC
  • Nicholas Sienkiewicz, CTP
  • Adam Spannbauer, CTP, Ply Gem
  • Julie Spizuoco, CTP, ORBCOMM
  • Jim Stetz, CTP, NationaLease
  • Bob Stevens, CTP, GAF Corp./Hawk Logistics
  • Vishal Suchdeve, CTP, EROAD
  • Nicolas Theodore, CTP, Orgill Transportation Co.
  • Brent Thomas, CTP, Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages
  • Jon Thomas, CTP, TransForce Group
  • Glen Tidd, CTP, ProVia Logistics LLC
  • Tracey Trantham, CTP, ProVia Logistics LLC
  • Derek Ungerecht, CTP, TMI Truck & Equipment
  • Darin Vehlewald, CTP, International Truck
  • Rodney Wheatley, CTP, ADM Trucking, Inc.
  • Jeff Whitehouse, CTP, Dot Transportation, Inc.
  • Scott Willert, CTP, America’s Service Line, LLC
  • Taylor Wise, CTP, Dot Transportation, Inc.
  • Michelle Woods, CTP, Woods Transportation
  • Heather Wyatt, CTP, Perdue Farms, Inc.

The CTP Graduating Class of 2022

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