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For Immediate Release
January 3, 2002

For Information Contact:
Gary Petty, NPTC

NPTC Partners With Boxwood Technology to Launch Online Fleet Career Center

Alexandria, VA – The National Private Truck Council (NPTC), the leading national trade association dedicated exclusively to representing private motor carrier fleets and affiliated product and service providers, has announced today the launch of NPTC's Fleet CareerCenter ( designed exclusively for NPTC by Boxwood Technology, Inc. (, the premier Application Service Provider (ASP) of private-branded career site solutions in the electronic recruiting industry.

Private motor carrier fleets account for approximately 82 percent of the medium and heavy-duty trucks registered in the United States. Consequently, private trucking is the largest single sector of the $480 billion trucking market. With an increasingly competitive labor market, the NPTC Fleet CareerCenter offers industry employers and job seekers a highly visible and low-cost employment search forum.

"For private fleet employers, finding and attracting new sources of talent is perhaps the greatest HR challenge for the industry at this time," said NPTC President and CEO Gary Petty.

"For job seekers, the current environment of consolidations, mergers and workforce realignments also means more unique and demanding prospective job opportunities than ever before. As the only trade group that represents the entire private fleet trucking sector, NPTC is the primary link in the management supply chain and is well positioned to help employers target fresh talent, as well as to assist employees to locate the right position when they find themselves in the job market," added Petty.

John Bell, Boxwood's founder and CEO, described the NPTC Fleet CareerCenter as "a natural addition to their web site, providing a forum where employers and job seekers can find each other online." Employers are encouraged to post all levels of positions, from entry-level to management, with a particular focus on recruiting new talent to the industry. Adds Bell, "NPTC joins other career sites in the Boxwood network. The jobs posted at NPTC are broadcast within our network and are then cross-posted to 100's of additional career sites including America's Job Bank, dramatically increasing the exposure for those career opportunities – and the industry as a whole."

About Boxwood Technology
Boxwood provides an outsourced, full-featured e-recruiting solution to associations and other organizations that offer employers and job seekers the ability to make job connections via their web sites. By partnering with Boxwood, organizations can quickly and easily upgrade to an advanced career center technology platform and related applications, and take advantage of Boxwood's customer service, accounting, technical support, and ongoing product development. For more information about Boxwood's products and services, visit or call Carrie McIntyre at (410)584-8700.

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