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For Immediate Release
May 12, 2008

For Information Contact:
Gary Petty, NPTC

NPTC Approves Study on Larger Trucks

Cincinnati, OH – The NPTC Board of Directors, at its meeting on April 26, 2008, approved an informal technical proposal to conduct a study on the benefits of larger trucks for those businesses operating private truck fleets.

“We hope to establish beyond a shadow of doubt that increasing the truck size-and-weight limits will result in better and more efficient use of commercial motor vehicles,” said Gary Petty, NPTC president and CEO.

The study, to be conducted by the prestigious University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI), is designed to benchmark the current transportation efficiency by looking at the operations of archetypal private fleets.

The parameters to be used to define efficiency improvements will focus on over-the-road operating costs, cargo transported, miles traveled and safety performance. It will also include a measure of fuel use, emissions output and truck trips that are required to fulfill the individual companies’ annual transportation responsibilities.

About NPTC
Founded in 1939, the National Private Truck Council is the only national trade association exclusively representing the interests of the private truck industry and corporate/business private truck fleet management.  NPTC is the premier marketplace of information, networking and skill building for private fleet professionals as it leads in shaping the future of corporate transportation.

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