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December 2003

Learning On-Line

Each month NPTC President and CEO Gary Petty writes a column in Fleet Owner magazine that focuses on the individuals, companies, best practices, and resources that make private trucking the force that it is in the American economy. Reaching more than 100,000 subscribers, three-quarters of whom are private fleet professionals, this column provides an excellent forum to communicate the value of the private fleet. Click here to view the archive.

Gary Petty | | Private Fleet Editor for FleetOwner Magazine
Gary Petty has more than 30 years of experience as CEO of national trade associations in the trucking industry. He has been the president and CEO of the National Private Truck Council since 2001.

Learning On-Line

The National Private Truck Council (NPTC) has launched the Fleet Learning Center, a comprehensive on-line training program designed to enhance the management acumen of the private fleet community. At a time when many are looking for more effective ways to enhance the skill set of their employees, this unique web-based training provides access to highquality education and training at the convenience of the learner.

Web-enabled learning is a proven tool for reducing the costs of workplace-related education and training. Economic reasons, however, aren’t the only justification for supporting this learning method.

E-learning can be defined as instructional content or learning experiences delivered or enabled by electronic technology. The beauty of the e-learning process is that educational opportunities are individual rather than institution- based. It eliminates clock-hour measures in favor of performance and outcome measures, and emphasizes customized learning solutions over generic, one-size-fits-all instruction, according to a national discussion on technological adult learning.

NPTC eagerly embraces this vision. The Fleet Learning Center provides private fleet managers with an exciting new vehicle for career growth. The best-in-class learning content and the variety of learning experiences contained in the modules were developed by NPTC Educational and Training Consultant Tom Moore, CTP, working in concert with an editorial advisory board comprised of industry experts and professional practitioners.

The materials represent a compilation of information, best practices and operational excellence-the most indepth and comprehensive resources available today for managing a private truck fleet. The content, which encompasses the body of knowledge needed to successfully complete the Certified Transportation Professional (CTP) program, is divided into five modules: fleet finances; safety, security and compliance; equipment and maintenance; operations; and human resources.

Funding to produce the Fleet Learning Center was provided by International Truck & Engine Corp. and Idealease of North America.

Web-based learning is always fresh and current. Elearning represents a continuous process of inquiry and improvement that keeps pace with the speed of change in trucking and in business. The content offers learners convenient, just-in-time access to needed knowledge and information, with small content objects assembled and delivered according to their specific needs.

Online learning is different than face-to-face learning because of the way the content is delivered. In a traditional course, an instructor presents most of the material; with online learning, the content is right in front of the student on screen. It’s up to the learners to control their own learning. Students have the ability to tailor the learning experience to meet their needs.

For instance, they have the opportunity to drill down as far as they want when working in a particular section, downloading forms or visiting related sites to explore related content. At the conclusion of each session, the student must pass, with 100% accuracy, a multiple-choice test to demonstrate mastery of the material before proceeding to the next section of the course. Scoring is immediate and incorrect answers are identified, complete with links back to the relevant section of the content.

Registration for each online training course is $150 for members and $250 for non-members. For more information, go to NPTC’s web site,, or to the learning centerâs site,

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